Worried about long COVID?

Billy Rogers

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Almost one in five American adults infected with COVID-19 still has COVID

According to the Household Pulse Survey, more than 40% of adults in the United States have fought Covid-19.

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19% of them are still symptomatic more than 3 months after infection.

“We are still learning about long COVID, a condition that lasts for more than a few weeks after the initial infection,” says Sisson.



These long-term symptoms  include fatigue and fatigue, difficulty thinking and concentrating, forgetfulness,

The risk of long-term Covid seems to be higher for people with more severe symptoms of infection

"Vaccination provides long-term protection against Covid," Sisson said.

However, this does not  guarantee 100% that your contract with Covid will be terminated.


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"So, if vaccination and indoor masks could reduce the number of cases, it would certainly be.

Are you worried about long COVID? Wear that face mask, 

Sisson said.