The highly contagious virus poses no danger to humans, health officials say.

State health officials have linked the deaths of four pet rabbits in Hennepin County to a highly contagious virus that affects wild and domestic rabbits.

So far, one rabbit has tested positive. Health officials said the animal was lethargic, calm and limping before it died.

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The highly contagious virus does not pose a danger to humans, according to the Department of Health.

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"There is a vaccine against RHDV2. Rabbit owners are advised to talk to their veterinarian about vaccinating their pets."

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Animal health officials are investigating how  rabbits were exposed to RHDV2.

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The house rabbit never left the house for shows and exhibitions.

You can also limit visitor interaction with rabbits, keep rabbits indoors as much as possible, and isolate outdoor rabbits from wild rabbits and their surroundings.

Rabbit owners can take some specific precautions, such as washing their hands before and after handling rabbits.