What are the most important vitamin for body?

most important vitamin for body

What are the most important vitamin for body?

Vitamins are considered among the organic compounds that the body needs in specific quantities in order for the body to grow properly, and these vitamins we get from foods and drinks, because the quantities produced by the body are not sufficient for it, and there are also some vitamins that the body does not produce at all, and if a person does not take sufficient quantities From protein, it may lead to serious diseases, such as: heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.

The body needs many vitamins, namely: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, and pantothenic acid, and we can get these vitamins through eating foods and drinks that contain these vitamins.

The importance of vitamins

It is known that vitamins participate in chemical reactions that transform the food in the body into energy for the benefit of humans, so vitamins are essential so that the various processes in the body continue, and until new tissues are built, and when these vitamins are lacking in the body and for a long time, this causes this to happen Disorders in the body, which are likely to affect a person’s life and lead to death, for example: Vitamin A in the body, which is necessary to protect the outer layer of the body, which fights oxidation and strengthens eyesight, so what will happen if this vitamin is lacking in the body?

As well as vitamin C, which is important for the body, which fights oxidation, germs and microbes, protects the skin, and activates sexual activity in a person, and there is also vitamin B12 necessary for blood tissues, nerve cells, liver and spleen. What will happen when these vitamins decrease in the body?

Certainly, the results will not be simple for the person, which we must all know that these vitamins do not carry calories, but manufactured materials that contain some of these vitamins may contain calories, But the percentage of vitamins that are mostly found in it is low.

Categories of vitamins

fat soluble vitamins

These vitamins are stored in the fatty tissues of the body, and these vitamins can remain stored in the body for days, and sometimes they may be stored for several months, as they are absorbed in the intestine, and a person should not take these vitamins in excess; Because they are stored in fats and may be harmful to the body, and these vitamins include: foods that contain vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E, and vitamin D.

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Water soluble vitamins They are vitamins that are not stored in the body for a long time, because they are excreted with urine; Therefore, the body needs such vitamins more than fat-soluble vitamins, and these types of vitamins are: vitamin B, vitamin C, and there is vitamin B12, which is the vitamin that remains or is stored in the liver, and remains for several years.

Vitamins that the body needs

  • Vitamin B1: This vitamin is called thiamine, and this vitamin acts as an activating enzyme in the metabolism (metabolism) process in the human body, and this vitamin is found in whole grains, rice, as well as in legumes, and some types of wheat. In many diseases, the most important of which are: beriberi, a disease that affects the nervous system and causes heart disorders.
  • Vitamin A: It is called retinol. This vitamin containing carotene transmits light to the retina of the eye, and this vitamin is found in abundance in meat, eggs, kidneys, liver, and cheese. When this vitamin is lacking in a person’s body, it causes night blindness.
  • Vitamin B2: This vitamin is called riboflavin, and its function is to work as an assistant to the enzymes that activate the processes and chemical reactions in the human body. This vitamin is found in dairy products, especially low-fat products, as well as in eggs, and green leafy vegetables. To inflammation of the membranes of the mouth and skin.
  • Vitamin B3: This vitamin is called riboflavin, this vitamin stimulates the enzymes involved in metabolism within the body, and this vitamin is found in abundance in dairy products and their derivatives, eggs, legumes, and fish.
  • Vitamin beta-carotene: This vitamin is considered one of the important vitamins in its fight against oxidation that affects cells leading to the occurrence of cancerous tumors. Sometimes this vitamin turns into vitamin A. This vitamin is found in foods, such as vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and some green leaves such as spinach. This vitamin is found in fruits such as: apricots and cantaloupe.
  • Vitamin B9: It is called folic acid, and this vitamin is an important factor in the synthesis of genetic material (DNA), and leafy vegetables, dried legumes, peas, and fruits contain this very important vitamin for the human body. Anemia, and this is one of the most important diseases that affect a person in the event of a deficiency of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin B12: It is also called vitamin Kupala men, and this vitamin is also one of the basic pillars in the composition of DNA, and this vitamin is spread in meat, fish, eggs, and low-fat dairy, and when this vitamin is reduced in a person’s body, it leads to anemia, or Infection of a person with pernicious anemia.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin contains a group of elements that enhance the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. This vitamin is found in sunlight, when a person is sufficiently exposed to sunlight, so he does not need to eat foods containing this vitamin.
  • Vitamin E: It includes a group of different compounds. The function of this vitamin is that it is resistant to oxidative processes that aim to destroy the cells of the body. This vitamin is found in spinach, some types of wheat, and broccoli, and when this vitamin decreases in the body, it leads to anemia.
  • Vitamin C: It is also called ascorbic acid. It is very important for the creation of body tissues. It is abundant in vegetables, lemons, oranges, and some fruits. If the proportion of this protein in the body is reduced, it causes capillary weakness, where the capillaries are very weak, and it is difficult In wound healing, bone deformation occurs.
  • Vitamin K: This vitamin is very important for the human body. It is known as the clotting vitamin. It contains many elements that have different names. The function of this vitamin is that it is a key factor in the formation of blood clotting factors, and the most important foods in which clotting protein is found: green leafy vegetables, especially Spinach, cabbage, broccoli, fish, white meat, eggs, liver and kidneys, and when vitamin K decreases in the human body, it causes severe and abnormal bleeding.

The best methods for obtaining these types of vitamins is the person’s style of following a healthy healthy diet, and if he does not get enough of the appropriate food, he can obtain healthy nutritional supplements, and here the amount of vitamins that the person takes must be emphasized, as the necessary vitamins must be taken in a proper manner.

Moderate, we should not take them in excess, because some people think that taking a lot of these vitamins is good for the health of the body, and this belief is wrong; Because a lot of food, even if healthy foods are healthy, leads to disturbances in the person’s body and affects him negatively.


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