How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercis USA 2021

Lose weight without dieting

Lose weight without dieting

Many people hate to hear the term dieting, especially when they need to lose weight because strict diets and diets leave a negative feeling by their previous followers that lead to hunger and deprivation. and are not based on scientific and nutritionally correct foundations, and this affects their psychological state and may result in a reaction to the opposite act of binge eating.

A person can lose weight more successfully without following a specific and restrictive diet for a limited amount of time, by gradually following a system of making small changes and making them a part of the human lifestyle until he gets used to it. Don’t be and don’t feel like a difficult commitment.

In this way, if a person becomes accustomed to the changes and becomes an integral part of his daily life, he can lose weight and not come back again, besides providing many health benefits to his body. Which includes reducing the risk of chronic diseases that can be caused by obesity, such as heart disease, and controlling diabetes, and lowering blood pressure for patients.

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In this case, the individual must identify their bad habits and behaviors that contributed to weight gain and then work to change them gradually, and educate them as nurturing to make the right choices. Because knowledge of things is one of those causes of behavior change.

Weight-loss basics

There are several basics for weight loss, the most important of which are:

  • That the calories that the body burns more than those ingested.
  • Exercise aerobic exercise.
  • Modification of lifestyle and nutritional behaviors.

    Behaviors and habits that contribute to weight loss without dieting

  • The first correct behavior to lose weight without dieting is to develop a logical and realistic plan to make gradual changes to a human lifestyle, not to set difficult goals to avoid disappointment if they are not reached, and vice versa, a Making a step or two of change and making it happen is considered a success and contributes to encouraging the person to commit rather than feel failure and despair.
  • Work on writing down their meals, their times and places to eat, and the motives behind eating them, including the feelings that may lead to eating. Your daily schedule includes 3 hours of TV watching and 12 hours of sleep and does not include any hours of exercise.

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  • Instead of focusing on weight, the focus should be on adopting healthy habits and behaviors.
  • It should be known that there is no diet, magic step, or a specific type of food that should be eaten or avoided to lose weight, as we see in popular diets such as cabbage diet, pineapple Diet Potato Diet and other diets that undermine people’s mind and take advantage of their urgent need to lose weight. Weight, and if there was a magic remedy for obesity and weight gain, then everyone would follow it and we would get rid of the problem of obesity forever.
  • Making meals larger and smaller, as portion sizes have increased in recent years, whether at home or outside, and relying on internal indicators of the human body to determine the amount of food consumed. dependent on external measures. Hunger and satiety, where a person must learn to eat an amount that satiates it and provides it with the energy and nutrients it needs without feeling overwhelmed, for example, a person may be satisfied by eating a cup and a half of rice instead Must learn to be one piece of chicken instead of three, and two, and one piece of dessert from time to time instead of several pieces in a way Continuous.
  • Choosing foods with a lower calorie density, the higher the food content of water and dietary fiber and the lower the fat content, the lower the calorie density and contributes to a greater feeling of satiety in exchange for fewer calories.

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  • Make sure you eat enough water, as water helps control weight in a number of ways, including foods high in water such as soups contribute to feeling more full and meals as we mentioned, and drinking water between meals. This reduces the feeling of hunger and the amount of food eaten to quench thirst, since feeding on the water becomes a substitute for quenching thirst and not hunger at times. Water helps the digestive system adapt to a diet high in dietary fiber. Be sure to drink at least one glass of water every two meals and glass between meals, and make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, in case of exposure to hot weather or when exercising.
  • Focus on complex carbohydrates such as Whole grains such as whole wheat, brown rice, whole oats, quinoa, barley, freekeh, and legumes such as dried beans, broad beans, chickpeas, lentils, fruits, and vegetables, such as Foods in the U.S. provide high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber is low in fat, so diets relying on this type of starch are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals, but also the amounts are taken. should be taken. As we mentioned in the first point, even if the food is less. Calorie However, eating large amounts eventually leads to eating high amounts of calories.
  • Monitor the amount of fat consumed in the diet, and in general, weight loss requires a diet high in dietary fiber and low in fat, and reducing fat reduces the caloric density in the food, For example, eating a cup of skimmed milk instead of full fat gives you the same amount of food, but with fewer calories, as well as a high-fat food, does not satisfy and stops eating quickly, so this Along with increasing calories, the amount of food eaten also increases.
  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly, as the signal to feel full reaches the brain twenty minutes late, so when a person eats slowly, he or she eats less before feeling full than if He’ll eat faster, and high foods have another advantage. Dietary fiber appears here because handling it requires more time and effort. There are several strategies that can be followed to prolong the duration of the meal, such as spooning between alchemist and Learning to put down the forks, and stop eating a little during a meal, and chew at least a certain number of times in each spire, where he gives it one more chance until he responds to his body’s internal signals which makes him stop eating.
  • Avoid empty calories, which are those that come from eating foods that are high in calories (from sugars and fats) and low in nutrients, such as sweets and alcohol.
  • Exercising regularly, even if it is a simple sport, such as walking for half an hour three or four times a week.

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  • To make arrangements for eating and sitting at the designated place for eating.
  • Finding alternative ways to deal with stress is known as emotional eating, and sports serve as an excellent outlet for relieving stress, and when emotional problems arise at inappropriate times without hunger. By identifying what causes binge eating or overeating, and other ways to address or treat and deal with these problems, you can address the problem of emotional eating, which can sometimes lead to weight gain alone cause to increase.
  • A person must learn not to underestimate the value of the effort he puts in, especially if he makes a particular mistake, because of an exaggerated sense of guilt and error about not making the change he has set for his plan. In turn, positive behavior from mistakes works on affirming and encouraging the person to commit, such as if someone tells themselves I ate a piece of cake, I won’t affect my whole plan, one mistake won’t hurt me. To gain weight, I’ll continue to eat in a healthy way.
  • A person should not be discouraged when he finds that he is losing weight, as the most successful programs to lose weight and not to gain it again are long-term programs that adopt gradual changes and apply them to the individual’s daily routine. form part of. Lifestyle and daily habits, such as brushing teeth every morning before waking up.
  • Participation in a support group that contributes to solving a person’s problem that he or she and a specialist can identify with, and this method may be effective for some while making changes on their own or in person with a nutritionist. Collaboration can be more effective for others.

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  • Drinking a cup or two days of some herbal tea can help control appetite and increase the rate of burning calories in the body, in addition to its many health benefits such as green tea.
  • It may be difficult for a person to lose weight without dieting in the above-mentioned ways alone, and he may need a nutritionist to help him make a gradual plan and identify the appropriate steps, organize and advance them successfully.



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