11 Most Important Causes of Nosebleeds


Nose bleeding

Many people suffer from nosebleeds in various situations, as it is one of the things that occur in a large way, but it is considered normal, as the case of nosebleeds does not indicate the presence of any serious health problems except in a few and very rare cases.

Often bleeding occurs nose because the nose contains a set of capillaries very weak, so when they are affected by simple things this happens to bleed.

Nosebleeds are divided into two types. The first type, as we said, is the natural bleeding that occurs as a result of a group of factors or simple symptoms such as a broken nose, for example. The second type is an indication of a major problem, which is the presence of bleeding in the lower throat associated with a nosebleed.

The most important factors that lead to nosebleeds

There are many factors and causes that lead to nosebleeds, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Sinus problems.
  2. Dry climate, because the climate is not humid and being in places that use central heating systems leads to dry nasal hairs, and these hairs are the tissues in the nose and their dryness leads to the occurrence of bleeding.
  3. Some medications lead to nosebleeds, such as antihistamines, as well as medications for the treatment of congestion and allergies.
  4. One of the most important medications for nosebleeds is aspirin, especially if taken in large doses.
  5. Respiratory infection.
  6. Frequent sneezing.
  7. Having some types of allergies.
  8. Exposure to a range of chemicals that irritate the nose.
  9. The entry of a foreign body into the nose through the air.
  10. Nose injury.
  11. Excessive exposure to cold air.

What is the treatment of nosebleeds?

It is possible to treat nosebleeds through several steps, which are as follows:-

  • Sit upright.
  • Squeeze the nose tightly to close the nostrils.
  • The nostrils must be closed for at least ten minutes.
  • Moving the head forward.
  • Breathe through the mouth throughout this period.


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