9 most important causes of hair loss in 2021

Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss

Causes of Hair loss is a common issue that occurs, especially for women, due to changing hormones, pregnancy and many other reasons related to various diseases, or due to lack of nutrition and other reasons, and for that we write this comprehensive review that is a viable solution to hair loss, where we learn about the causes of hair loss, As well as how to treat it through the following lines of this article.

What are the main causes of hair loss?

Many women around the world suffer from hair loss due to many things that happen to them, as scientific studies have shown that the causes of hair loss in women are caused by:

Thyroid dysfunction

may be the cause of hair loss in many cases due to the changes that occur in the hormones of the body responsible for the thyroid gland, so the thyroid gland is largely responsible for hormonal disorders in the body, whether an increase in or a lack of hormones, and this imbalance works on hair loss Great, so the treatment of thyroid dysfunction may protect women from the phenomenon of hair loss.

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The body’s
immunity is largely responsible for hair loss, due to attacking healthy hair follicles by mistake, and thus causing significant hair loss in the affected areas.

Tinea capitis

Tinea capitis is a serious disease that affects the scalp with severe infections, which appear in the form of scaly and hair-free patches in the areas affected by infections, and therefore these infections must be treated until hair grows again in these empty areas, as studies indicate that the void in these areas is due to Infections, which must be eliminated immediately and treated.

Pregnancy and childbirth
are among the most important causes of hair loss due to changing hormones in pregnancy and lactation, as studies indicate that a high percentage of women in the world suffer from hair loss, especially after childbirth and in breastfeeding, due to the change of hormones in pregnancy and in the postpartum stage that returns Hormones are due to their natural proportions, but this apparent change in the body after the two stages results in significant hair loss and weakness.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
there is what is known as ovarian syndrome, and this syndrome affects women and affects reproduction and fertility, and complications of this syndrome and infection occur in women, including hair loss on the scalp.

Taking the contraceptive
pill, the contraceptive pill has many serious negative effects on the body and on the imbalance of hormones in the woman’s body, so the imbalance in the hormones that weaken ovulation in women may result in women being exposed to hair loss.

High level of harmful cholesterol in the blood
Many studies and scientific research indicate that high levels of harmful cholesterol in the body and hair loss are significantly associated. High blood pressure is a serious side effect and complication from high blood pressure to hair loss in women with high blood pressure.

Episodes of stress, anxiety and psychological pressure
are among the most important things that happen to women, and its complications are significant hair loss, as various studies have linked exposure to psychological pressures and various stresses in life as a cause of hair loss due to weak immunity of hair and skin in particular.

Natural recipes for treating hair loss

There are many natural recipes that treat hair loss naturally, away from the dangerous side effects that lead to more dangers facing the body, and these recipes are useful and nutritious materials and these recipes are:

Use coconut oil
oil coconut among the most important oils that help prevent hair loss, and has very effective in feeding the hair and scalp hair follicles different, because it contains important nutritional value for the hair, which contains anti – acid bacteria that prevent infections in Scalp.

Coconut oil is used by massaging the oil on the scalp and hair and reaching the deep roots, and with time it will have an effective effect on hair density and preventing hair loss.

hair loss


The use of onion
onions has many benefits for hair, despite its unpleasant smell on the hair, but the use of cutting onions on the hair helps to thicken the hair and get rid of hair loss, and the scalp can be massaged well until it becomes red color with washing the head with water and shampoo and repeat That daily.

Using green tea 
tea has many important benefits for the body, because it contains antioxidants, and it also contains many nutritional value, especially for hair, as scientific studies say that consuming green tea helps to strengthen hair follicles and thus green tea protects hair follicles.

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There is a strong recipe for using green tea on the hair itself by taking two green tea bags and fermenting them in a cup of water and then placing them on the scalp for about an hour, then washing the scalp and changing it with water and shampoo, and this recipe can be repeated to increase hair density.

The use of egg white

Egg white contains many minerals needed for hair, and therefore the use of this white helps to thicken the hair, and this white is used by placing it on the hair after mixing it with a teaspoon of natural olive oil, and after mixing and mixing a paste is formed from these ingredients, then it is done Put this recipe on the scalp and leave it for a third of an hour, and the hair is rinsed and washed with cold water, and this recipe is great for thickening and nourishing hair and getting rid of the phenomenon of hair loss.

The use of henna
is among the beneficial substances for hair, where a mixture of henna is placed with coconut oil and boiled mustard oil in henna leaves, and after mixing this recipe the mixture is placed on the scalp and massaged and on the rest of the hair twice a week, which increases hair density And prevent hair loss dramatically.

Use Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is one of the most important herbal materials that help to thicken hair, which is what made pharmaceutical companies use aloe vera in preparations to strengthen hair and increase its density, and it is possible to take advantage of the properties of aloe vera by applying it to the hair and scalp and leaving it for a period of at least 4 hours a day, then Wash the hair with lukewarm water and repeat this two or three times during the week to strengthen the intensity of the hair roots.

Eating blackberries
scientific studies have recently proven that eating wild blackberries is one of the important treatments for hair loss. Although the berries are small, blackberries contain a high percentage of beneficial substances that promote hair growth such as vitamins A, B, C and E, This is in addition to many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibers, and thus it protects the body from chronic diseases such as cancer and neurological diseases and protection from weakness, aging and other diseases, in addition to strengthening hair and preventing hair loss and weakening its roots.

Eating pomegranate
promotes hair growth in young people and adults alike, so reports of the US Department of Agriculture emphasized the need to eat fresh pomegranate to treat hair loss and protect against various diseases that afflict the body, due to the presence of antioxidants that help promote hair growth and treat hair loss.

Eating strawberry fruit Strawberries
contain many important nutrients, as they contain vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and manganese, and these important minerals help reduce body loss and aid in hair growth completely.

Do baldness cases occur between day and night?

Of course not, studies indicate that cases of hair loss and baldness, whether between women and men, do not occur between day and night as they say, but rather occur in several stages, ranging between 15-25 years, so there are indications that confirm the occurrence of baldness and hair loss, such as weakness Hair, as an early warning to get rid of the causes of preventing hair growth or treating it through the natural prescriptions that we dealt with in the previous points.

Many studies indicate that a total life change is necessary to maintain the hair and its density not to be exposed to repair and hair loss, and this change must include, for example, proper nutrition between vegetables, whole grains and fruits that contain minerals and vitamins necessary for hair growth, in addition to reducing bouts of Stress, anxiety and daily stress that occurs both for women and men, thus reducing the causes we have covered for hair loss.

In this article, we learned about many aspects about hair loss, as we learned about the important causes and therapeutic aspects that help in how to treat hair loss and increase the density of hair.


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