Balanced Diet to Lose Weight | 4 Healthy Tips

balanced diet

A balanced diet to lose weight

Obesity is one of the major problems facing you, so preparing a balanced diet to lose weight is among the essential things that you must have in your life, in order to eliminate obesity and obtain an ideal healthy weight that protects you from diseases first, and helps you with your plan to lose weight at a time Quick, in this article we get to know the best tips that help you prepare a healthy and integrated balanced diet to lose weight, as we shed light on this system in detail as well as knowing the most important tips that help you to make this balanced diet or system, in the next few lines.

Principles of knowing a balanced diet that’s right for you

Every person has characteristics, so these characteristics and factors interfere in nutrition, the diet that suits you does not necessarily suit others, because determining the appropriate calories for you interferes with general health factors, age, sex, metabolic rate or metabolism, and what are the appropriate calories to complete a job The body and other factors that pertain to each of us.

balanced diet to weight loss

So it is essential to first know your daily caloric intake, which means a lot at the beginning before setting a balanced diet.

For example, if you want to lose weight from half a kilo to a kilogram of the body, then this means reducing the number of calories entering the body or reducing the calories in the diet through an amount ranging from 500 to 1000 calories per day.

Thus, it is possible to develop a healthy diet consisting of carbohydrates in a small amount and with fats and an increase in the proportion of proteins, and this is what the nutritionist determines in relation to age, gender, health factors, and other factors that pertain to the individual and differ from others.

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One of the important nutritional principles that you must take into account is the status of highly balanced food, where vegetables, fruits, whole food grains, proteins, dairy products, oils, and other many nutritional recommendations put forward by nutritionists according to the factors that we talked about in the past.

Thus there are many necessary things to know in this regard regarding diet formation and this is what we know a little about.

An example of a healthy, balanced diet for the day

To approximate the picture, an example must be known and clarified through the amount of the main dishes that are present in the day, either through the food quantities on the one hand or from the model that is distributed according to many factors, so come let us get to know this model:

The balanced diet

should contain balanced dishes. The diet must contain balanced dishes such as vegetables and fruits, as doctors advise to vary in varieties and colors and to reduce potatoes because of their overwhelming effect on blood sugar, as well as containing the main dishes on whole grains such as whole wheat and all foods made from it such as pasta and barley Quinoa, oats and brown rice.

Dishes should also contain protein such as fish, beans, and nuts, as well as less red meat and processed meats. As for healthy vegetable oils, you should get a moderate amount of olive, canola, soy, corn, and sunflower oil, and completely avoid hydrogenated oils that contain unhealthy and dangerous fats on the body.

In addition to these balanced dishes, doctors recommend consuming a moderate amount of drinks such as water, tea, and coffee, while reducing milk intake completely and the products that contain it, in addition to reducing natural juices unless it is sugar-free cup daily.

In addition to the necessity of physical activity through daily exercise, and keeping the body active and mobile, which is one of the most important factors that help you to apply a well-balanced diet and control weight, and with caloric control, this exercise helps him beyond any doubt on balance Entering the calories that the body gets.

Divide the ideal diets
We come here to divide these balanced dishes that help you make a balanced diet for the day, and we will present it based on the advice of nutritionists in the experiments they published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2000 and these experiments were conducted on a group of people with fat accumulation in Body so what are the daily meals and their appropriate division?

This is what we know in detail through the following points:

  • Breakfast: two portions of carbohydrates – one portion of milk – one portion of vegetables – one portion of protein – one portion of fat. As for the ideal meal: a loaf of bread – a cup of low-fat milk – one teaspoon of olive oil – one cucumber – 2 tablespoons of Labneh is low in fat.
  • Snack after breakfast: a portion of fruit – a drink free of large calories, and the ideal meal: one apple – a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

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  • Lunch: 3 servings of carbohydrates – one and a half servings of vegetables – 3 servings of protein – 2 servings of fat – half a serving of milk. As for the ideal meal: half a cup of pasta – 2 tablespoons of corn oil – 90 grams of minced meat – a cup of cooked vegetables – half a cup of low-fat milk.
  • Snack: a portion of fruit – a drink, and the ideal meal: a pear fruit – a low-calorie soft drink.
  • Dinner: two servings of carbohydrates – a portion of vegetables – a portion of proteins – half a serving of fresh milk, and the ideal meal: 2 slices of bread – a cup of green salad – a quarter cup of chickpeas, beans, or two egg whites – 2 tablespoons of olive oil Half a cup of skim milk.
  • Snack: a portion of fruit – a sugar-free drink, and the ideal meal: one orange, a cup of tea, completely free of sugar.

4 healthy tips to help you regulate weight and reduce calories in the body

There are many tips that help you regulate weight, and these tips we learn about through the following points:

Ensure that there are no diseases that hinder weight regulation
There are many dangerous diseases that afflict many cases, and these diseases multiply them, for example, weight gain, and therefore it is necessary to make sure that there are no diseases that hinder the slimming process, and among these diseases, for example:

  • Thyroid problems: This is one of the most important health problems that lead to weight gain, especially in the case of hypothyroidism. One of its complications is a significant increase in weight due to the accumulation of fluids and salts in the body, and hyperactivity of the thyroid gland leads to weight loss in a way. Exaggerated and unhealthy, and the weight may increase in some cases due to their feeling of excessive hunger, and it also affects the metabolism or metabolism and weight and appears to be a complicated matter and therefore hormones, proteins, and other chemicals play a role in this. Thyroid treatment.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals: Among the necessary things that must be addressed is the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, as these vitamins and minerals are of great importance, especially with regard to energy production in the body, but there are some cases that suffer from a deficiency of these vitamins, especially vitamin D, and therefore the person finds great difficulty In weight loss, as some American studies have confirmed that a lack of vitamin D and some other vitamins and minerals in the body leads to failure to lose weight even with an ideal diet, so many doctors deliberately give many cases vitamin D and calcium supplements, so that these supplements stimulate the Lose weight properly.

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  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Sciatica: Many women around the world are affected by PCOS, which is a syndrome that affects the lack of weight loss, in addition to infection with many other diseases, including reduced fertility, infertility, and childlessness, so this syndrome must be treated so that all symptoms disappear Where obesity and fat accumulation in the body.
  • Insulin resistance: an increase in insulin levels in the body leads to weight gain, and thus levels of this hormone in the body rise due to insulin resistance or taking some medications that treat diabetes, and therefore obesity cases are affected by this disease, which must be treated so that this helps in losing weight.

as we said before, exercise helps to lose weight by maintaining the number of calories, regulating the metabolism process, burning fats, and contributing to muscle mass in the body and increasing it, and thus the rate of burning per day increases significantly.

Maintaining adequate sleep and avoiding anxiety and tension

there is what is known as the hormone cortisol, which is one of the important hormones that exist in the body, and this hormone can be excreted in the body in large quantities, in the case of psychological, nervous, and physical stress, lack of sleep, exposure to stress and depression, and thus The process of storing energy and calories in the body is generally related to the level of this hormone, whose levels should not be increased, and therefore adequate sleep must be maintained as well as avoiding stress and anxiety completely.

Reducing the intake of foods rich in sugars and fats

You should not eat these foods that contain a high percentage of fats and sugars, and reducing these foods is included in a healthy diet after consulting a specialist doctor who details the appropriate quantities of foods rich in healthy fats as well as sweets per day, and this It interferes with many factors as we said before such as metabolic rate as well as age, gender and others.

Organizing a balanced diet to lose weight is not difficult, it just needs to be organized and arranged in one day, and it also needs many medical consultations from specialists.


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