9 Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

breast cancer

Causes of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the diseases that have spread during previous years, as the percentage of women who have been exposed to breast cancer is very large around the world, which drew the attention of scientists and doctors from all over the world, and asked among them about the factors that lead to the occurrence of breast cancer, in this article we shed light on the causes The occurrence of breast cancer, and knowing all the factors that may lead to the occurrence of this disease, through the next few lines.

What are the causes and factors of breast cancer in women?

Women suffer from a serious case of cancer that affects the breast area, and this cancer occurs when cancer cells begin to spread through the lobules or ducts in the breast, and these lobules are the glands that produce breast milk known to women during breastfeeding, and these globules are formed The special function of the parts of the breast is represented by several fatty and fibrous tissues, and these lobules suffer from the occurrence of cancer for several reasons.

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What are the causes that lead to breast cancer and the spread of cancer cells in the mammary glands and other channels or areas that are found in the breast of women? This is what we learn through the following points:

Women are more susceptible to breast cancer than men.

Gender factors represent a reason for the incidence of breast cancer. Various studies have confirmed the incidence of breast cancer in women more than men, especially women who have advanced in age. A cause of cancerous tumors, especially in the breast, and This is more than men, as the proportion of women around the world constitutes more than 95% of the incidence.

Genetic changes may be a factor among the factors of
breast cancer. The cause may be the mutations and genetic changes that occur to women greater than men, as both breast and ovarian cancer are associated with these genetic changes or mutations, and this is according to medical studies that talked about some genes such as genes (BRCA1) and (BRCA2)

And these genes and others may have major changes and great mutations in the body, linked to the spread of cancer in the body, and an increase in the percentage of cancer cells, whether in men or women and various studies have confirmed that cancer in general and breast and ovarian cancer, in particular, are associated with These genetic mutations occur especially in women.

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Cases of early menstruation are one of the causes of infection.
It is one of the newly discovered factors. Many studies have confirmed that women who have had the onset of menstruation or the early puberty process are more likely to have breast cancer. Twelfth, at the same time, studies confirmed that the delay in menopause or menstruation may also be a reason for this, as they confirmed that women who experienced menopause at the age of fifty-five are more likely to develop breast cancer.

why these cases in particular?

The study completes the list of important medical information in it, as it confirmed that estrogen is present in a woman’s body for a longer time in cases of early menstruation or menopause later than normal, as estrogen is secreted from the ovaries in order to regulate the menstrual cycle, and this hormone is a natural catalyst. For the growth of some cancer cells, especially breast cancer cells.

breast cancer 1

Having a family history of breast cancer in a woman’s family
The presence of previous injuries in a woman’s history can be a reason for the reasons that lead to the emergence of breast cancer, especially since genes may have the final word in this injury, where studies and research say that a high rate of About a quarter of women around the world suffers from breast cancer due to genetic factors, according to studies confirmed by genetics and genetics in 2003.

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