6 Reasons for the Presence of a Tumor under the armpit

Tumor under the armpit

Causes of a lump under the armpit

Tumors under pressure may constitute a health problem that has many complications, because this area is very sensitive due to the presence of lymph nodes, which are located in an oval shape in this area and even spread throughout the body and have many functions, especially in the work of the immune system in the body, and may appear There are many tumors in the armpit, and these tumors have many causes.

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Come to us, dear reader, we learn about the most important reasons for the presence of a tumor under the armpit, as we learn about many medical explanations, and many other aspects, on this subject.

What are the main causes of tumors under the armpit?

There are many reasons for the presence of tumors under the armpit, they are due to the presence of abnormal growth in the tissues that are located in the armpit, and may relate to diseases and internal health problems in the body, and when they appear, a doctor should be consulted urgently to determine the main cause and thus determine the appropriate treatment for it, and these reasons are :

1. Allergies

In many cases, underarm tumors appear due to the use of deodorants or a type of soap, which leads to allergies and an allergic reaction from the body, which increases the presence of problems such as tumors in the armpit.

2. Cysts

are sacs filled with liquid, gas, or semi-solid substances? These cysts are formed due to many factors, including genetic factors, or the presence of an infection in this area. These tumors may appear in the chest, armpit, and other places in the body.

3. Adenoma fibrillation

There are many types of tumors including adenoma fibrillation, which is a benign tumor in the form of a sleek solid block that has a regular shape that can be driven down when clinical examination, and vary from case to case in terms of size, appear in cases ranging from fifteen And the thirty-fifth in women, which is painless in nature.

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It may be excessive in terms of mass, and the appropriate treatment must be prescribed by the doctor, depending on the nature of the mass and the age of the patient by performing many medical procedures such as radiography, ultrasound, and taking a biopsy of the tumor for analysis, and according to the results, the appropriate treatment is prescribed that helps the doctor’s decision in treatment Or surgical removal of the tumor and its survival, where it can be avoided on its own, but in this case, a periodic review by the doctor is required to be sure.

4. Incidence of breast

cancer Breast cancer is among the diseases that are accompanied by many symptoms in women, this cancer affects women, as it is considered the second most prevalent type of cancer in the world in recent years, as it mostly affects women over the age of fifty years, and it can also be infected With men it is less.

No one knows yet what is the direct cause that leads to breast cancer, some research talks about the role of genetic factors in breast cancer, and there are some reasons that confirm that diet or diet may be the reasons.

In any case, there are many symptoms that accompany breast cancer, including the presence of a tumor under the armpit in the beginning, which is an abnormal growth of tissues and cells, and this cancer is accompanied by many serious symptoms.

which in this case must be consulted medically to conduct several tests that help diagnose the condition, including these Symptoms, for example, the presence of tumors next to the breast or the presence of tumors under the armpit and secretions that come out of the nipple are transparent secretions or contain blood, and the redness of the breast skin is striking.


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